Bitcoin Revival – Trader’s Crypto Trading Bot Review

Automated trading. Cryptocurrencies. Match made in heaven, right? Just think about it. The chance to get rich – because let’s face it, Average Joe may not know what’s blockchain and how bitcoin works, but he does know that it means a chance for a big win. So, automated lucrative, implies free money, right? The mantra of today – the passive income.

Why not give it a try, eh? Just dip your toe into the world full of possibilities. Bitcoin is shiny, it’s magical. The best trading software for the lucrative crypto market. That’s what awaits you at the Bitcoin Revival website.

Sadly. You will find no riches here. Bitcoin Revival is one of the fraudulent websites luring you with promises of riches. It’s a fairly simple scam. They write true things on their site. Mixed with lies. Warnings and disclaimers are there. You will give them the money of your own volition. But you will never win because there is no such thing as the fully automated crypto market.

Full review of how to use Bitcoin Revival

Bitcoin Revival presents itself as the official Bitcoin Revival software website. They want you to register for free, leave your email and phone data. That’s a red flag right there. All the relevant crypto exchanges just need your mail for the first step. Phone number is not required for the website registration. The disclaimer of a proper crypto service claims that they will not sell your data. Here it’s reversed. You will be warned that you actually agree to have your data forwarded to third parties.

Bitcoin Revival basically works like a typical boiler-room scam. You will be contacted by aggressive “brokers” pushing you to give them your banking info, or at least deposit $250 with them. This is how you know it’s a scam, they always ask for this sum, which is another red flag.

More red flags come in the form of the supposed way that this platform works. Step one would be the registration. Then you would be contacted to transfer the deposit. There should be a demo account. You would see how the numbers grow and how smoothly it operates. Then you will be asked to deposit more. It’s a scam. Demo account is pre-recorded fraudulent depiction of the market. 

Security: 0

Ease of use: 0

UI/UX: 0

Minimum deposit and payment options: 0

Demo account: 0

Support and tutorials: 0

Profit: 0

Overall rating: 0

Bitcoin Revival – What is this trading bot

Bitcoin Revival is not advertised as a trading bot but as advanced trading software. It’s not explained how it works exactly because it doesn’t really work at all. It’s just a scam. Just to know, trading bots do exist but they are currently nothing more than algorithms that perform operations faster than humans. But no cutting-edge market analysis, self-generated signals, and other techno buzz mentioned are real. No crypto trading bots can perform autonomously, they are just an automation tool. 

Bitcoin Revival Application / Web Platform Review

First, we notice the red bar above the Bitcoin Revival logo urging you to register, because “due to extremely high media demand” they will close the registration soon. Of course, nothing happens if the timer runs out. 

Next comes the promise of advanced strategy, automated trading, and security. More or less they explain without telling you much. The goal of this section is to make you believe that there is a great opportunity to earn without much work. Supposedly it’s all safe and free. 

Then comes the testimonials. Three stock images of successful young businessmen from different parts of the USA. Praising Bitcoin Revival for the miraculous gains. All the trigger words are there, quarantine, diversify the portfolio, clearing student loan, confidence, fortunate to bump into this app.

The next layer is more explanation. Automated software, award-winning software, superior technology, and top brokers are mentioned in an almost random pile of buzzwords.

Security, licensing, and payments of Bitcoin Revival

No security, licensing, or payments whatsoever. You will be sent to a scammer site and reached by people who introduce themselves as brokers but have one and only one goal, to get that deposit from your account. Your data is not secure, after all, you agree to let them share it with third parties. If you allow the Bitcoin Revival to get your phone number, they will just push you, until you do the deposit, and it’s not a small sum, it is $250.

Steps seem simple, register, deposit, start investing, but the fact is, this isn’t a real crypto exchange. Just bait to lure you to deposit your money. 

Bitcoin Revival – What do traders say?

A review on Trustpilot shows that there are no comments whatsoever. It is because this particular edition of scam, under the name Bitcoin Revival has just opened for business, probably just freshly set up, so they didn’t bother with fabricating false reviews yet.

Is Bitcoin Revival legit? – Final verdict by traders

Scam. Clearly. It’s obvious. The final verdict is a fraudulent website that just goes for your deposit. Don’t invest here. You have better chances planting money under the moonlight hoping that money-bearing tree will grow. Don’t fall for this scam.

Tips on checking whether a bot is legit or a scam

  • Namedropping

Always check if the website mentions celebrities. The most popular bait is Elon Musk, but there are others too, from Mark Lewis to LeBron, to Kanye West, to as we saw here – Gordon Ramsey. 

  • Copy and Web design

Web design and layout for this kind of site are always the same. Not sure why. Even if they change the actual design (like Anon bot), the layout and the flow are the same. Some truths mixed with the lure of a quick return of investment. 

  • No support, no contact

The red flag which reinforces the others is when there are no social media links, when you can’t contact the support or when there are no contacts other than a regular website e-mail form.

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